Farmers Markets

Evelyn’s Crackers began their journey at Toronto Farmers market selling in the city in 2008. Now their are many more markets to chose from and the diversity, dedication and commitment of vendors and customers has never been stronger. Some markets are available all year around and with several platforms offering pre-orders and pickups, it never has been more practical, or convenient to shop.


Wychwood Barns @ Christy and ST Clair

Sat 8-1pm          (all year!!)

 Brickworks @ 550 Bayview Evergreen

Sat 8-1pm          (all year!!)

Annette Market @ Annette and runnymede

Wed 3-7pm         (June to October)

Trinity Bellwoods @ dundas and shaw

Tues 3-7pm           (May to October)



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