>How Far Will You Go for a Fresh Egg?

Photo credit: Edmund Rek

If I had a buck for everytime Dawn is mentioned in an article..

“Dawn Woodward, owner of Evelyn’s Crackers, an artisan baked-goods company in Toronto, will show up at the market at seven in the morning for farm-fresh eggs or drive an hour out of town to find them. When she’s leaving the city, she phones ahead to place an order with one of the hundreds of small farms in the country that sell pastured eggs.

“The flavour is better,” she says. “They are fresher and richer. They’re sweeter, a fuller flavour.” She prefers eggs laid by hens allowed to scratch and wander – when she can get them.”

…I could buy a dozen eggs.

Link to full article by Sarah Elton for the Globe and Mail, Food and Wine Section: Here