>Impulse Buy of the Week: Evelyn’s Crackers Spicy Dal Spelt Sticks

(posted by Shelf Life, a monthly addition to the Canadian National Post Newspaper)

Lately Shelf Life has been on a hummus kick. This is a very good thing, not least because our newfound love of the chickpea has helped us bond with our vegan friends. Now we can bring something else to the vegan party – these Certified Organic crackers made from whole spelt flour and lentils. We like the fact that these are local products, and that Evelyn’s Crackers supports Ontario farmers. We’re charmed by their freshness, and by their healthy-yet-snazzy taste, not too spicy nor too timid. They’re sturdy enough to handle cheese, subtle enough to enhance the basics – say, peanut butter and green onions – and ready to crumble in soups or salads. Then too, as the package suggests, there’s a whole realm of hummus and dips to explore. Shelf Life would match these crackers with a creamy dill dip, or maybe a tzatziki – and then we’d race over to the hummus. Lately we’ve become enamored of Jerusalem/masala-type chickpea spreads; these turn out to be absolutely delectable with Evelyn’s crunchy snaps. Vegans, your planet is full of strange and wonderful taste sensations.


(Evelyn’s Crackers can be found in three dozen fine food stores and cheese shops in and around Toronto. You can meet us in person and try all of our crackers at the Wychwood and Brickworks Farmers markets every Saturday morning from 8am to 1pm. Contact us ([email protected]) and view ourwebsite for more information about new locations and our creative holiday catering and cooking classes.)