>We are surrounded by logos. There are a bunch in front of you right now in an email, or website. Logos are irresistible. Even infants are drawn to certain shapes and contrasting colors even before they speak. There are industries created to capitalize on the shapes, colors and forms to create logos. We are constantly being bombarded by subliminal messages that translate into an ipad, sorry, impulse buys from all types of books, magazines, billboards and our many electronic devises. There will always be certain objects such as a diamond necklace, or oven baked bread, can draw us in like a moth to a flame. All of these things are taken into consideration when designing a logo. Good ones are easily identifiable. Great ones translate the type of business the logo represents in a blink of on eye.

I thought it might be fun to look at the transition of our logo. A project we basically have taken on ourselves from the time of this posting. It has been a slow transition between each one, slowly building in traction and recognition, very much like how Evelyn (at 5) is showing the strength and confidence of who she is now becoming.

We are creative people who enjoy being part of a growing process, especially the ones we can share. Like any recipe there still may be some evolving as the look of Evelyn’s Crackers may change a little here and there. But if our new logo isn’t quite the flame for your moth, hopefully you are drawn to the passion of supporting our farmers and our dedication to make the finest darn crackers (cookies and granola) we can.